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Hello Internet! I'm Matpat and welcome to GAME THEORY! Do you ever wonder what secrets could be hiding in your favorite games? So do we! From piecing together the complete FNAF timeline to figuring out if Toadette is REALLY a young Princess Peach, we cover it all! If you want to take a deep dive into the world of nerdy theories, join the Game Theorist's community today!
But hey, it's just a bunch of theories. Game Theories! Thanks for watching.
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11:36We Visit St. Jude to Help Cancel Cancer!
We Visit St. Jude to Help Cancel Cancer!lượt xem 451 N12 ngày trước
14:02Game Theory: Minecraft, STOP Punching Trees!
Game Theory: Minecraft, STOP Punching Trees!lượt xem 4,7 TrTháng trước
22:15Game Theory: FNAF Just Got A Reboot... (FNAF VR Help Wanted)
17:59Game Theory: The Lost History of Minecraft's Wither
Game Theory: The Lost History of Minecraft's Witherlượt xem 4,9 Tr2 tháng trước
18:14Game Theory: No More Games
Game Theory: No More Gameslượt xem 1,9 Tr3 tháng trước
17:35Game Theory: Was Ninja Worth It? (The Ninja Mixer Deal)
25:57Game Theory: We've Been Hiding Something From You...
Game Theory: We've Been Hiding Something From You...lượt xem 2,9 Tr3 tháng trước
22:10Game Theory: Dear Nintendo, I FIXED Your Timeline! (Zelda)
15:23Game Theory: The LOST History of Minecraft's Enderman
17:22Why Starters Are DISAPPEARING! | The SCIENCE of... Pokemon
20:18Game Theory: Peach's Castle of LIES! (Super Mario Maker 2)
25:29Game Theory: YouTube is Ruining Gaming!
Game Theory: YouTube is Ruining Gaming!lượt xem 3,2 Tr5 tháng trước
18:45Game Theory: Are Humans Obsolete? (Ghost Recon Breakpoint)
17:02Game Theory: Trapped in the Machine (Petscop)
Game Theory: Trapped in the Machine (Petscop)lượt xem 2,7 Tr6 tháng trước
19:14Game Theory: Is This Video Game HAUNTED? (Petscop)
Game Theory: Is This Video Game HAUNTED? (Petscop)lượt xem 3,2 Tr7 tháng trước
19:59Game Theory: How to WIN the Mr Beast $100,000 Challenge!
15:03Game Theory:  How Does Kirby Fly?
Game Theory: How Does Kirby Fly?lượt xem 2,1 Tr8 tháng trước
19:27Addressing Game Theory's Biggest Problem
Addressing Game Theory's Biggest Problemlượt xem 2,3 Tr8 tháng trước
18:49Game Theory: FNAF 7,  The Untold Story of Sister Location
19:21Game Theory: Kirby...Dream Land's Biggest THREAT! pt 1
21:32What They WON'T TELL YOU About Your Favorite Channels
14:21The $1.7 Million Lie
The $1.7 Million Lielượt xem 3,4 Tr9 tháng trước
14:23Game Theory: Could Tails Really Fly? (Sonic the Hedgehog)
23:16They stole $1.7 million
They stole $1.7 millionlượt xem 6 Tr10 tháng trước
17:26Game Theory: Petscop - The Music and The Madman
Game Theory: Petscop - The Music and The Madmanlượt xem 3,2 Tr11 tháng trước
11:02Mario's CRAZY Strength SOLVED! | The SCIENCE... Of Mario
7:01Game Theory: The Undertale / Deltarune Connection FOUND!
19:17Game Theory: The Tragedy of Deltarune (Undertale)
18:18Game Theory: Spiderman is a CRIMINAL! (Spider Man PS4)
20:25Game Theory: How PewDiePie LOST YouTube to T Series
14:02Game Theory: What is MatPat HIDING?
Game Theory: What is MatPat HIDING?lượt xem 2,4 TrNăm trước
17:00Game Theory: How to BREAK Mario! (Mario Tennis Aces)
14:43Game Theory: The Secret Life of Markiplier
Game Theory: The Secret Life of Markiplierlượt xem 4,4 TrNăm trước


  • She’s talented at answering questions in a way that anyone can hear the answer and interpret what she said on both sides of any issue.

  • I'm certain after that interview Susan would consider the gamers while making important business decisions. Masterfully done MatPat

  • When i feel death my mind cant function that much all i can do is breath

  • now copa needs to see this it might help fix the whole kid or adult content thing idk it might help

  • is no one gonna point out the Minecraft cactus? no, ok.

  • Lucifer isn't a demon that turned into an angel, he *might* be an angel who turned away from God

  • The cell he was asking us to name are Ribosomes right?

  • I miss the old VItorrent :(

  • The most darkest part of the book is the dabbing chica

  • Nice way to get suggestions

  • Whoever disliked this video then why? Why do u dislike people who help children in need.

  • With this much shafting and lip service you'd think she was the CEO of Pornhub.

  • "i see you playng a lot of games"... hauauhuauhauhauhuahuahuhauhuahuhahuaha

  • Lysosomes, peroxisomes, ribosomes

  • gamers do be gaming

  • Matpat: So why should we be on VItorrent? Susan: IT JUST WORKS

  • waffling like a true CEO

  • I only watch these at school when I’m not alone

  • I'm only uploading music why is it making it like it's for kids! Some videos will have swear on my videos, like the song is explicit! I changed my yt studio settings, what will happen!

  • Freddy just got recked by pixels Freddy:Time to change

  • “Not just mine----“ “Minecraft?” “MINECRAFT!” Bruh. How are you gonna say you participate in the gaming community and not know MINECRAFT

  • Force Slow: *exists* Matt Pat: But how does it work? JoJo Fanbase: *IT JUST WORKS.*

  • Sonic: *look at this! I took 9 000 000 steps today*

  • bing bong

  • When I signed up to VItorrent I didn’t lie about my age, and I was under 13. I was in like 3rd or 4th grade when I made my account Who’s now gone.......;-; Tho I dont think that was the first time I used VItorrent.. idk if I had any account before the one I made in 3rd or 4th grade.

  • So if Drowned Built the The Monmuments,Then the Drowned Are also Ancient Builders that Matpat Explained in his Disc 11 and 13 Vid. Everyone;MIND BLOWN

  • I am glad you didn't softball her but her answers are not satisfactory in my book to bad if the creators I watch jump ship I am going with them

  • Susan: “obviously we need to be careful who we advertise around election times” VItorrent in the UK: *V O T E C O N S E R V A T I V E*

    • Jack Dog VItorrent in the US: *V O T E L I B E R A L* It’s literally whichever guy pays them the most. VItorrent doesn’t care if you’re wearing a red tie, or a blue tie. As long as you give them more money than the other guy.

  • Now I want an Amoeba as my very own pet.

  • hey matpat realscawthon release freddy in space game

  • big brain

  • Mat, I have a problem. In ultimate custom night, spring trap and scrap trap are both in it, but you're supposed to be William. William is both spring and scrap trap though? If that makes since...

  • duh

  • Sound of the interview is too low, everytime there's an add it blew up my ears...

  • Robbie Rotten: #1 Me: sobs

  • You didn't talk about grimm boii i know he has nothing to do with your theory but you shuld have mentioned him Justice for grimm boii

  • i saw in the nether pigmen with pumpkins on their heads i dont remember what version though i even saw a few with pumpkin lanterns on their heads XD

  • Susan before the interview “Why is boss music playing?”

  • I think they learned to walk thanks to those Red mushrooms

  • "they play with each other and sometimes I'll play with them" I apologize but that made me laugh hysterically.

  • Family friendly? Yeah its not going to work in 2020

  • "Matpat serious who wrote this" Monomon am i a joke to you.


  • Susan’s answers are so long and over complicated. It’s because she wants to answer as little questions as possible, so she 1. Doesn’t answer them; and 2. Limit the number of questions Mat asks.

  • Sorry MatPat, you're interviewing the wrong person. Susan has an idea of the international laws but isn't the ambassador for it. She can only review and pass policies. Thank you for presenting the important questions!

  • Jesus Christ I feel so bad for Matthew, he clearly put his soul into this interview but Susan just toys with him and us without giving any informative answers.

  • But Hey, that's just a theory

  • Wait… if hes moving faster shouldn't everything appear to be slow, not just one object at a time as you target it. What about when we see kylo ren do the exact same thing to a blaster bolt in the opening scene of force awakens. It definitely appears to make more sense that the force is slowing things down instead of speeding one up

  • 35:43 MatPat was actually baffled she lied straight to his face lol

  • Im actually a Muslim

  • In Susan's mind, she wants gaming channels to grow. In the monetization policy, they only one year to reach 4000hrs of all their videos. Does this mean that she have to change that policy to give them time to be more successful.

  • No... i like your thought but it would make EVERYTHING slow.

  • Monika is Yandere!!!!!!

  • I have the impression that Vanny and Tape Girl are the same character

  • Fnaf movie coming soon... In 2020

  • Petition for Susan's channel to get copystriked so she knows how it feels.

  • 5:44 Bruh that high five

  • Her:How much profanity and violence is in the video Me:markimoo?🙂

  • But the force does affect inanimate objects. Jedi can life and crush machines and rocks and stuff. So force slow can actually slow other things as well as speed up the user. Force fast was possibly seen in The Phantom Menace when Qui Gon and Obi escapes the Droideka.

  • Why doesn`t anyone make another channel like YT

  • Preston Unspekable Pewdiepie Dead

  • ?????

  • I liked the earthbound - undertale theory

  • Correction it’s not kaabaa it’s الكعبه

  • " Video games cause violence " Matpat- ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ

  • Me: trying to watch cool video My vpn that lets me watch VItorrent: aight ima head out

  • In the comments: people who have no idea what it means to be the CEO of a company, and expect Susan not to keep her company’s interests in mind as she talks.

  • MatPat: mentions someone else as King of FNAF Mark: Mhm... Nods

  • VItorrent haven't received a fresh new feature since god only knows when.

  • 🎵he's here he's there he's everywere, who you gonna call, psycic friend fredbear.🎵

  • Is it just me, or is Susan just repeating the same points to just waste the time given for him to ask questions, she barely answered 10 questions.

  • Are you referring to ribosomes?

  • Very thorough and I'm surprised they allowed some of those questions. Nicely done sir.

  • 1 more thumbs up for a good video of an earnest interviewer. Good job Matt and his team.

  • The Centriole

  • The guardians are like the dwemer from Skyrim

  • I really don't see the issue with how Susan conducted herself in this interview

  • What do lancer and the King represent?

  • The Bill Eilish question 😂😂😂

  • VItorrent needs new CEO, preferably a gamer man.

  • I think that, while there was a lot of work put into this theory and into finding evidence to back it up, there are still too many holes in it. At some point, we should let our imaginations run free and not try to explain every single thing in a work of fiction and just enjoy it. That's basically what everyone has done for the lightsaber. Were the sabers truly just laser light, they wouldnt have a distinct length and they wouldnt collide with each other. At some point we need to just sit back and enjoy the star wars films for the mstory telling marvel they are and not try to ground fiction inside of fact.

  • In the phantom menace quaigon blurs out of screen by moving so fast

  • I think they created the end portal by making themselves end stone by colliding some elements and potions and the eye might be from colliding blaze Rod with potions. Now if you excuse me i need to run from the FBI.

  • Fine youtube Ill watch it

  • This theory is just so wrong in any ways and the way he calls Phoenix things like *illegal albatross* and *Phoenix Wrong* is just as cringy.

  • I guess Mat forgot about the scene in The Force Awakens when Kylo Ren stopped Poe Dameron’s laser blast. That just stopped the blast but everyone still kept walking around in normal speed.

  • She’s a Jewess 💯

  • did anyone else have the VItorrent business ad just playing every 5 mins or so?

  • I just love the change of his reaction between an unexpected at 1:12 to mysteriously confused at 2:02

  • tbh I'd read the book

  • I hate how she keeps addressing the audience as if she’s just saving skin for the company. Don’t do that. Address who is asking you the questions, we’re just listening.

  • What if you just.. You know, use the force to make it go slower.

  • I'm a Muslim ask me anything

  • One thing we should take away from this is what happens behind the scenes in VItorrent is not as simple as we think. But of course a huge portion of users will not accept this.

  • Tails so cool

  • If you think about it if you change your skin to like an alien you will change the past (or like change your skin to a brown spider who was in the alpha of minecraft and you are the last spider survivor on minecraft)

  • Ribosomes

  • Scott 's story is more complicated then the codes of the fnaf

  • she is trying to be professional but a few times at the start, I think her mask was falling. she started to use speech patterns from California crazy leftists... maybe I was just imagining it. Hmm

  • Does sound like a good milkshake

    • Also YAY he mentioned knights of the old republic which im playing right now