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6:22Stephen A. gloats after the Cowboys’ loss | Get Up
5:01What is going on with Nikola Jokic? | Jalen & Jacoby
5:06Reaction to Knicks firing David Fizdale | ESPN Voices
1:17:09Fantasy Focus Live! Week 14 Preview
Fantasy Focus Live! Week 14 Previewlượt xem 30 N3 ngày trước
4:15Jay Williams breaks down the Lakers’ defense | Get Up


  • Burrow is no different than Baker Mayfield, Josh Allen etc... A relic of what the position should look like, this game has passed up pocket passer but I dont expect the good ole boy media to ever acknowledge it.

  • Imagine what he’d be doing if lebron didn’t turn him into a spot up shooter

  • CP-zero man I feel bad for him

  • We're all singing the praises of LeBron and A.D. but do not over look this very important factor. Say on this Lakers team you had a sorry small center who was worthless like most N.B.A. teams have now. The Lakers would just be a regular 50/50 team because people would just pull A.D. away from the basket by putting in all small shooting players. But with Javale Mcgee and Dwight Howard down at center you can't do that because it would give the Lakers a million offensive rebounds so the teams have to match up and now you got a shot blocker under the basket at all times. I love the fact somebody finally put a real team together and showing all these bandwagon coaches how real N.B.A. basketball is played. Give them big dogs Javale Mcgee and Dwight Howard their credit because they are the real M.V.P's ............... GRIM.

  • Ron

  • LSU is my pick to win the National Championship

  • Bruh, you need to fight Andrade and make a name for your self. Theeeeen you’ll get the GGG and Canelo fights. As of now I don’t think you ready for those monsters, in my opinion of course...

  • I don't think there will ever be another Troy Polomalu. He wasn't the biggest or the strongest, or the fastest. He just wanted it more than you.

  • We’ll be happy to send the defending champs home

  • I love him, but he needs to stop complaining on every play. Especially on those slight contacts, before his technical foul for example

  • KD and Kyrie didn't sign with the NY Knicks because they're trash. The Brooklyn Nets are the better team, so that's where they signed plain and simple. Nobody wants to play for the NY Knicks.

  • Dabo is so fake

  • Defend himself against a push? From a 70 year old man.. Lol , stop overreacting

  • Tim Ryan just gave a TRUE and realistic take about Lamar. The football does blend in with his skin color.... so the Fck what...he’s right and other players can’t see the ball in his hand as well as they can a white player. Whoever suspended him for this great commentating should be ashamed.

  • right right right!!

  • Would there be a similar response if a black radio character made a comment about the lightness or darkness of a players skin?

  • How is he not on the nfl all time defense. Is it him or Ed reed? Is that how they went the two are the two best safeties they both belong there. I’d put troy over Ed simply because Ed benefited from being able to just chill out in the back and catch passes and wasn’t as versatile while Troy could do it all and directed the defense. Both belong there though.


  • I miss Cari Champion

  • He was ahead on points but to win the title you have to beat the champion convincingly

  • When the cowboys win I'm happy for one of my sisters, when they lose I'm happy for the other one. :)

  • Much respect Steven A u r very incorrect when it comes to Jimmy. Jimmy can run the ball remember that's how he tore his ACL. Hes 1 yr off that ACL injury dude is doing great I cant wait to hear what they have to say after his performance against the saints. Remember this the way the ravens r using Lamar Jackson that's not sustainable for years to come

  • I remember buster was 100-1 to win

  • Definitely the mvp Bill's defense showed why they number 1 and he showed why he's the mvp

  • 3:26 fault a Doncic

  • Too many women at espn

  • MORE Laura Rutledge!!!!!!

  • Seriously tho, many of these guys do have SEC love because of certain affiliations. It’s not an opinion, it’s factual. I really don’t understand why everyone is thinking OSU doesn’t have anything to prove and that they’re not determined. They’re not favored, and I’m sure they will come out playing a great game

  • Lamar Jackson ain’t doing nuthin against titans in the AFC championship Truss

    • SuperSavage Titans aren’t making the AFC Championship 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I hate when they bring biased people on this show

  • Clemson vs Ohio State 🤤🤤🤤 O and don't get it twisted Oklahoma can score, LSU better respect OU.

    • Charles Waples LOL, LSU not scared of Oklahoma!!

  • I wished I was wrong..but I predicted this before he was drafted..Injuries will ruin this guys career unless he loses weight..Ppl don't understand the stress that puts on his one wanted to believe me..I hope he ends up being a superstar..but I def have my doubts

  • New stars are raising

  • Joe burrow is the new shiny toy everyone wants to play with, don't disrespect Trevor Lawrence like that. I'm betting the Clemson get in here and prove why they were the returning Champs

  • Laura's back - YES!

  • Laura's back - YES!

  • As a Browns fan I have to disagree 😂.

  • Dončić will not slow down in playoffs, he played and won MVP of the finals in Euroleague,also Eurocup gold and MVP. He will dominate in playoffs.

  • Clemson is super trash imo. they’re actually going to get stomped in the CFP 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Losing culture...with the cowboys They r living off wat the past stars did! Its pretty f*ed up now 4 cowboys fans...and they wont get my money until they take things more seriously

  • Burrow is FANTASTIC but the MVP of the 2019 NCAA Division 1 football season goes to....... .......Bo Nix. THANK YOU AUBURN!!!!!

    • Had Bama beaten Auburn then the playoffs would have been 1. OSU 2. LSU 3.Clemson 4. Bama and Bama most likely loses to the Buckeyes, especially without Tua.

  • It’s so refreshing not seeing Alabama plastered everywhere

  • The basketball world has returned to normal. The Lakers are atop the NBA and the Warriors are trash.

  • Screamin’ A. said he had nothing to add and then went on and on 4 and a half minutes.

  • he shouldn't never have gotten that coaching job. Dan Gilbert's an idiot

  • Remember... The locker room is the players space 😂😂

  • Just here to see all the OSU fans make everything about them

    • Ohio State rolled through a difficult Big Ten and LSU ran through a tough SEC, so naturally everybody wants to see the two of them play each other to validate their regular season grind. It's not that they're better than Clemson, but people don't like Clemson because they beat up on Mickey Mouse teams whereas those two were on the frontlines against nasty teams

  • Can Chris Paul go two seconds without bitching about something?

  • It would be very interesting to see Anthony Davis played against Kevin Garnett.

  • I’ll take the word of god

  • Stephen A. Smith's an actor. He reads a script about hating fans but loving Jerry. This is a good script for a sycophant who is kissing up to a billionaire, even if its nonsensical. He's well aware that Jerry has taken his fans for a ride for the last twenty five years. He's well aware that being a hater is part of the marketing circus that keeps the Cowboys fans charged up and buying merchandise.

  • Just one more dynasty to end and it’s gonna be a lot harder than expected New England Dynasty

  • 1:15 😂😂

  • Garrett stinks

  • I remember Kevin Durant coming to our house we had dinner together very cool guy

  • Some white people just want attention its rhetoric plain and simple

  • Someone please tell me they heard the announcer say that Dwade is a big roll player for the Portland trailblazers...he thought Zaire's dad is Carmelo Anthony smh

  • Cp3 >>>>> westbrick

  • You can't name 15 dudes Perk? Yes he has improved, but his main advantage is he's the number 1 option for the first time on a team that's waiting for it's star to come back. His ppg will drop by at least 5 when zion comes back

  • LeBron Tapped in with the ESES in LA that's why he celebrate Taco Tuesdays

  • Joe burrow is pretty bad I’m not going to sit here and lie He makes basic throws anyone can make like I could make some of those throws

    • ​@SuperSavage LSU's WR aren't any better than Bama's, Clemson's, or Ohio State's and Oklahoma may have the best WR of anyone.

    • Vincent James it’s because he has good receivers that get separation unlike other qbs

    • Vincent James in one of the best divisions in college football

    • @SuperSavage If anyone can make those throws, then why isn't every other quarterback putting up his numbers?

  • How do you stop this guy ? You can’t AD has to have a bad shooting night if he’s near the rim it’s automatic smh!! Go Lakers!

  • Why that Stephen A is looking mighty well. It can only be one thing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Pat be blazed I swear he don’t even care anymore he go to the set loaded

  • Can't wait for LSU to lose

  • Gangsta Ravens! 😂 Another good team character building win! Keep it going Ravens!💪

  • TB you silly boy.

  • If they go, it'll be like a home game for them. That Louisiana crowd will definitely play a big role in noise.

    • Well I did see about 3 weeks ago that Clemson would be a hypothetical 4.5 point favorite against LSU and I have to think Ohio State would be a slight favorite. LSU is seeded #1, but is marginally the 3rd best team, I'll roll with Ohio State to upset Clemson and beat them.

  • Joe burrow< Jalen Hurts

    • Geoffrey Wilson don’t believe the burrow hype man

    • As a runner, yes. As a passer and leader, no. The playoffs feature arguably the 4 best (healthy) QBs in college football right now and Burrow is the best of them all.

  • 2nd part is true but Clemson is winning it all!

  • they ducking you young lion !!!!

  • Clemson wins!

  • Look at that fat double neck guy talking about someone can’t defend !!! He can’t stop eating

  • Loved the white sleeves!!!

  • Pat is hittin that muv 2:20

  • Pat is my guy...

  • As a die hard chargers fan, even with our injuries and unfortunate season in 2019, Boy do I love our head coach we never had a coach becides marty that was a culture changer but coach Lynn is that and more, even at camp he came around and actually talked to the fans ! And what hes doing off the field in building schools in africa is just great !

  • AD did a great job rim running and punishing the Wolves for playing small ball

  • Where, when, why and how MSG became the "Mecca" of b-ball, I don't know. Other than the early 70s they have never been relevant. And even then it was a 3 year run at or near the apex. Commentators speak of it as if it's actually sacred hallowed ground. They're just a poorly run organization in a rundown arena in a rundown city in a run down state. They're better off moving to Kansas, Arkansas or heck... Mexico City. They even lost the Madison Avenue pull with the advent of the internet, and the local talent with the rise of aau ball. They're cooked. They went the way of Fordham U, St. Johns and ,Syracuse. Melos NCAA championship will more than likely be the last b-ball championship, of any kind, for NY in my lifetime.

  • I love how some LSU fans are talking smack about Ohio State, but don't realize they wouldn't even be in this game if not for Burrow leaving the Buckeyes because we were too stacked at QB at the time lol.

    • I like how OSU fans act like their qb isn’t also a transfer. And bragging about losing burrow isn’t smart. Y’all dumbass the one who didn’t see what you had.

    • OSU took Georgia's QB lol

    • @Benedict Chan Ha...hahahahahahahaha.

    • Isn't that more of a mistake by Ohio State? Burrow is better than all your recent QBs including Haskins.

  • Lakers need to start putting wins in a row together. 🎯🎲🎻🎸

  • Rip Alabama

    • No guarantee they're gonna bounce right back next year either. If they go into next season with Mac Jones as their starting QB, and have lost Jeudy, Ruggs, Smith, Harris and 3-4 starting OL then they could be in for another subpar year.

  • 400th luka future all star in nba 🚗🚕🚙🚌

  • 300th comment clippers biggest road win of season 🏜🏖🏝⛹🏿

  • Fitz&Troy could be twins on the field a young lebeu would love fitz;

  • People keep saying “but he’s going to the Bengals” do the Bengals not have solid receivers, running backs, and d-line? I think he will have success, he might not win too much in his first season but he will keep the Bengals in every game.

    • Almost every QB who goes in the top 3 ends up on a shitty team.

    • They will probably trade AJ for picks too

  • 1 playoff series win and 4 winning seasons in the last 20 years with a 626-938 record. So sad for the fans to have to put with this ineptitude.

  • lsu is fun to watch

  • Reading stuff out loud is difficult sometimes if you read faster than you speak, especially when you're reading someone's quote that can be grammatically incorrect. She can read, she just has to practice reading quotes outloud due to her job. 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Yessir!! Big Trusss

  • Real recognize real

  • Chris "Worst NBA contract ever" Paul

    • @xcen1 That makes it worse lol

    • Not really. He's healthy and actually winning now in the west

  • If Polumalu isnt a 1st ballot HOF player, it wont mean anything to me from that point on. Those who make the rules have already shown me the door because they have cheapened the game and are now down right cheating with their calls in crucial games. So now I have learned that even with cameras helping the refs they still will do what they want, when they want !! That call v.s the SAINTS is something I as a sports fan will never get over,NEVER !!! And I am a STEELERS FAN!! But fair is fair and that was straight up cheating !

  • KD fire Harden a stat padder

  • Nice to Ecin

  • Definitely shouldn’t be a Hall Of Famer.. he’s borderline & only got those Sb MVPs Bc his offensive line was GREAT during his best seasons. He’s not as talented as any Hof Qb & honestly These new QBs are Years ahead of him. Pat Mahomes is 10x better than Eli Manning no debate

  • What is it with the MVP thing? It doesn't matter!. Ask Manning, Brady, Rodgers, Wentz, Mahomes....never won the SB when winning the MVP.

    • It does.meam something to those who have one....

    • That's not how it works though that's just being superstitious just like Madden cover players all get hurt. It will happen where a MVP QB wins the SB its bound to happen

  • Great interview. Mike Tyson is a fucking legend.

  • This doesn't mean jack sadly. We lost bad to the greek freak. I'm worried now.

  • Lamar is the same colour as the ball